A bedtime ritual to make your own

As a collaboration with Queensland illustrator Cass Deller, we have created Our Bedtime Ritual - a beautiful watercolour drawing for families to follow each night as little ones prepare to slip into the Land of Nod.  

This little illustration (see below) seems simple to follow - and it is! - but it can also be pretty powerful if used consistently. Visual guides help children to feel in control by giving them a sense of independence as they learn to follow the steps along the way. They also help children to feel safe as they learn what to expect next. Being tucked up in bed with the lights out may sound heavenly to us as mums, but children would much rather lie in our arms and read books all.night.long!

A visual ritual such as this one helps our children to learn that bedtimes have a flow and a finish, and shows them that there is plenty of time to cuddle and connect with us along the way.

What's more, our Organic Nights sleepwear is for children from newborns to age 11 years, and we believe teaching our children the value of sleep during their younger years - not just as newborns but as school-age children too - will set them up for a life of health and wellbeing. As any new mother will tell you, sleep is ESSENTIAL for happiness, health, focus and vibrancy. We believe that sleep is one of the greatest life skills we can guide our children to learn. 

For mums, we hope that when you see this Bedtime Ritual illustration, it acts as a shining light or vision for the calm and loving evenings we all yearn for. Of course, bedtimes don’t always flow smoothly and can sometimes/often go pear-shaped; however, our children look to us for guidance, so when they feel our love and sense our calming energy, they are more likely to join us in the love bubble; do you find? 

We are all different, so of course you needn’t follow this ritual to the letter. Rather, use it as a general guide and then it’s up to you and your little crew to work out how you make your bedtimes uniquely your own. We often ask our friends for ideas of what works for them and their little ones after sunset, and here are some to share. 

  • Perhaps bath time in your family involves a magic potion of quality magnesium salts and certified organic lavender oil in the water to soothe and relax weary little bodies.
  • Slipping into fresh organic pyjamas always seems to make children feel giddy with love. Perhaps your children keep their sleepwear tucked under their pillow so they know just where to find them at night and can dress independently. Breathable and pure 100% cotton is so important for a healthy night's sleep. 
  • Teeth and bathroom time for little ones might involve the toothbrush and toothpaste stored at their height, along with a low mirror so they can see themselves, which also helps with independence. Montessori guide books are wonderful for teaching parents how to structure the home environment to set children up for finding their independence with these essential skills 
  • Books are one of the most positive ways you can connect with your children, at any age. Babies and toddlers love to read the same books every night because this ritual makes them feel safe. Young school children love to read chapter books with you, taking turns to read a page or chapter each, or just letting you read to give them a break from all the learning in school time. And research shows that you needn’t stop reading to your older children of eight years and upwards. Children of this age still love the closeness of reading books with their parents, and when you read to them it helps them learn tone, fluency and character style and to get swept up in the wonder and imagination of a good story. Even lying next to them with your own book while they read theirs is a sweet way to show your love and presence.
  • Grateful for… Gratitude is a practice that helps make life feel brighter and lighter. Our children are born with innate purity and see the beauty in this world, so why not keep highlighting this gift? As you lie in the dark with your child, ask them to list three things they are grateful for about their day. They might say “the cat”, it might be the band aid that is healing their sore toe, or it might be you!
  • Once the lights are out, perhaps you lie in the dark with your little one and cuddle a while as their body (and maybe yours too!) gives way to sleep. It’s often in these quiet times - when they have you all to themselves, with zero distractions - that they’ll share their heart and their true feelings. 

We hope you love this Ritual as much as we do. Sweet dreams!

NOTE: This beautiful Our Bedtime Ritual watercolour illustration is available to purchase as an A3 Art Print on quality stock in our SHOP.  Thanks for joining us!



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