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Our Mission

Organic Nights is intent on creating beautiful, quality 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton sleepwear for children from newborns to 11 years.

Since our children spend half of their young lives asleep, we choose to create the purest and healthiest sleepwear that will nurture and nourish them while they slumber.

Organic Nights' organic sleepwear is free of every single toxin, and is soft and pure on the skin and lungs. It is the cleanest, healthiest and most sustainable option to cocoon our little ones through the night. 

Our label carries the strictest GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) through its entire supply chain, making our children's sleepwear organic, fair trade, sustainable and ethical at every step - from the soil and the cotton seed, to the colour dyes and the care labels.

Organic Nights' designs are dreamed up to soothe and nurture little ones, and to preserve the innocence of childhood.

About Us

We are two sisters with young families living beachside on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in Australia. We are drawn to and inspired by the ocean, sea breezes and sunshine. 

We launched Organic Nights in 2018 because we want to play our part in bringing beauty, goodness and health to our world. Many years ago we were looking for beautiful organic sleepwear for our young children and soon realised there were few options for pyjamas that were beautiful, simple and soothing while being produced to the strictest 100% GOTS-certified organic standards with ZERO toxins involved - all at the same time.

Like most mothers, we believe sleep is precious and paramount. We too worship it like the sun! We believe night-time provides the perfect 12-hour window of opportunity for peace of mind that our children are free of toxins and nourished - after all, when we sleep we grow, we heal, we dream and we replenish. If we can offer our children a pure, chemical-free environment in which to slumber for half of their every day, then we are winning. 

As more parents appreciate the importance of low-tox living and struggle to avoid chemicals from coming into contact with our skin - our body’s largest organ - and our respiratory system, we intend to grow Organic Nights as an authentic sleep label that delivers the best quality sleepwear and sleep solutions for pure, completely organic sleep. You will love that our organic fabrics are free of risky chemicals and toxic colour dyes so our sleepwear smells like…nothing!

Organic Nights strives to design soothing prints and patterns in the prettiest of colours. We aim to celebrate the innocence of childhood and inspire our children to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of nature. We trust that childhood will always be about delighting in the little things - like blowing dandelions to the wind, spotting whales as they migrate, climbing trees, snacking on sweet pineapples, and finding pretty pieces of coral that look just like flowers.

We create our sleepwear out of the highest quality materials so they last the distance and can become hand-me-downs from eldest to youngest siblings. We also believe that the beauty of sleepwear - unlike everyday clothing - is that you only need two or three sets per season to see you through. Unless, of course, you live in your pyjamas at times, like our children tend to do!


For those who are new to GOTS certification, we share more about why it is so important and healthy here. Quite simply, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is the global standard for organic textiles, ensuring that the entire process is organic and ethical, including:|
- the soil the cotton seed is planted in
- the way it is harvested
- the products used in the manufacturing process
- t
he colours used for dyeing the fabric; and
- t
he care labels. 

Importantly, GOTS ensures workers throughout the entire manufacturing process are protected with fair wages, and safe and healthy workplace environments, with zero tolerance for forced or child labour. This makes the journey to create and wear GOTS-Certified garments a safe one for farmers, factory workers, the environment and us as consumers. 

We look forward to sharing the beauty of organics and pure sleep with you and your children.

Nichola and Frances
Organic Nights

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