Our Story


Organic Nights was launched in 2018 by two sisters with young families, living beachside on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in Australia.  Nichola and Frances were looking for beautiful organic sleepwear for their young children and soon realised there were few options.

They wanted children's pyjamas and baby sleepwear that ticked all the boxes: 
- beautiful, simple and soothing
- produced to the strictest organic certification; and
- protecting and respecting people and our planet along the way. 

Their beautiful, original boutique sleepwear label Organic Nights was created from scratch, bringing to life the highest quality sleepwear and sleep solutions for healthy sleep.

In mid-2023, Nichola and Frances passed their treasured brand to Tracey Bailey, the founder of Biome, Australia's original eco-lifestyle store.

Tracey and the Biome team look forward to sharing the beauty of GOTS-Certified Organics and pure sleep with you and your children.

We are conscious that more parents want to live a low-tox life to reduce the toxic load on their families. Avoiding nasty chemicals from contacting our skin - our body’s largest organ - and our respiratory system can also reduce skin and breathing irritation. 



Organic Nights creates beautiful, quality 100% GOTS-certified Organic Cotton sleepwear for children from newborns to 11 years old.

Since our children spend half their young lives asleep, we believe the purest and healthiest sleepwear will nurture and nourish them while they slumber. 

Our sleepwear is designed to preserve the innocence of childhood with soothing designs inspired by nature and clean cuts for comfort and simplicity. 

Organic Nights carries the strictest GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) through its entire supply chain 'from seed to seam', making our children's sleepwear certified organic, environmentally sustainable and socially ethical at every supply chain step. 

Organic Nights pieces are made in a well-established, community-minded GOTS-Certified Mill in India that upholds Fair Trade practices, ethical social standards and environmentally sustainable processes.

We have also taken the ultimate step to become GOTS-Certified as an Australian business. This ensures that Organic Nights is legally certified as part of the reputable global GOTS-chain, and approved to sell Business-to-Business to stockists and wholesalers. A huge achievement and one that we are very proud of! 

For those who are new to the GOTS certification, you can learn more about it