Collection: Eczema Pyjamas

Do you have a little one who has eczema or sensitive skin? Do they scratch their skin at night and wake up with red, itchy, and sore patches? Do you wish there was a way to help them sleep better and feel more comfortable? 

Choosing the right fabric for pyjamas is important. Some fabrics can cause itching, irritation, and inflammation, while others can soothe and protect your skin. One of the best fabrics for eczema is organic cotton, and here are some reasons why organic cotton is ideal for eczema pyjamas:

  • Organic cotton is soft, smooth, and gentle on the skin. It does not have any rough seams, fibres, fastenings, or threads that can scratch or rub your skin. 
  • Organic cotton is breathable and absorbent. It allows air to circulate and moisture to evaporate, which helps to keep your skin cool and dry. It also prevents overheating and sweating, which can trigger eczema flare-ups.
  • Organic cotton is hypoallergenic and chemical-free. It is grown without the use of toxic pesticides or fertilisers that can harm your skin or health.
  • Organic cotton that is certified to the finished product* is also washed, dyed, printed, and finished without the use of harsh chemicals that can cause allergic reactions or irritate your skin. It does not have any special finishes that can affect your skin’s natural barrier function, such as non-iron, water repellent, antiperspirant, anti-cling, anti-static, or anti-shrink.

*Organic Nights eczema pyjamas have an added level of peace of mind, because they are officially certified organic by the independent GOTS organisation right through the manufacturing to the final product.  Many "organic cotton" pyjamas only use organic cotton fabric, but they may be dyed with irritating chemicals and treated with substances during manufacturing.

Eczema pyjamas are a great way to help your child cope with their eczema or sensitive skin. They can make bedtime more fun and relaxing for both you and your child. They can also improve your child’s skin health and quality of life. Why not give them a try today? 😊