The Night Song Bedtime Lullaby

The Night Song

This sweet original song by the original Organic Nights' family is designed as a bedtime lullaby for you and your children to enjoy.

It’s about teaching a child to trust the night, and see its light ~ in the glow of the moon, the shimmer of the stars, and the golden love around them. 

Here it is as an audio track: listen here

And below as a short video with the words to follow along to.

There is even an illustration (see below), created as a collaboration between Organic Nights and the beautiful illustrator, Cass Deller. 

The Night is sung by father and daughter, Michael and Grace Powell (13 years old)

With guitar by Andrew Thomas 

All the children who star in these images are wearing Organic Nights' 100% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton Pyjamas. Bless their little hearts. 

We hope you feel the love! 


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