Why Rib Knit Fabric is Perfect for Cosy Winter Pyjamas

When the cool nights of winter arrive, it’s time to snuggle up in your cosy pyjamas and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa. But, what kind of pyjamas should you choose to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the cold nights? The answer is rib knit fabric!

Rib knit fabric is a type of knit fabric that has vertical ribs or ridges on both sides. For pajamas and onesies, we recommend rib knit fabric made from natural fibre cotton, and particularly irritant-free organic cotton.  Rib knit fabric has several advantages that make it ideal for winter pyjamas:

  • The ribbing can add some warmth to a garment because it creates air pockets that trap heat and provide insulation. That is one of the reasons why rib knit fabric is ideal for winter pyjamas

Baby Onesie made from warm rib knit fabric

  • It is soft and comfortable against the skin, which is important for a good night’s sleep. Organic cotton rib knit fabric has a smooth and velvety texture that feels nice to touch and wear. 
  • It is stretchy and flexible, which allows for easy movement and fit. Rib knit fabric has a lot of crosswise stretch, which means it can adapt to different body shapes and sizes. For children's or adult pyjamas, it's less likely to restrict movement or make you feel tight or uncomfortable. You can toss and turn in your bed without worrying about your pjs getting out of shape or ripping.
  • It is durable and resistant to wear and tear, which means it can last for a long time and withstand frequent washing. Rib knit fabric does not fray or curl at the edges, unlike some other knit fabrics. It also does not shrink or fade easily, so you can enjoy your pyjamas for many winters to come.
  • Cotton rib knit is breathable and moisture-wicking, which helps regulate body temperature and keep you cool and dry. Rib knit fabric allows air to circulate and moisture to evaporate, which prevents you from overheating or sweating in your sleep. It also keeps you warm by trapping heat in the air pockets created by the ribs. This way, you can stay cosy without feeling stuffy or clammy.
  • It is versatile and easy to sew, which means you can create different styles and designs of pyjamas with rib knit fabric. 

The Best Warm Fabric for Winter Pyjamas

As you can see, rib knit fabric has many benefits that make it perfect for cosy winter pyjamas.  You can buy online here at Organic Nights, long sleeve onesies and long-leg pants for babies from newborn to 2 years old, and winter pyjama sets for children from age 2 to 11 years. 

Rib knit fabric is great for kids because it is comfortable, durable, and easy to care for. It is also stretchy and flexible, which means it can grow with your child and fit them well. 

Pink Rib Knit Baby Pants


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