A story of gratitude...

When we started Organic Nights, we decided that - because this organic sleepwear business was to be about sharing beauty, positivity and kindness - that we would commit to only working with people with the same open-hearted values. We have been blessed to find just the right people to support, guide and inspire us along the way. Consider this a ‘Gratitude Post’!

The first people we want to thank are souls that we didn’t have to find at all! Our mother Terri is kind, generous, intelligent and the epitome of unconditional love. We are blessed to have her guiding us through life. Thank you to our father Eric who is an entrepreneur at heart and a positive life force. He has always supported us to follow our dreams.

Our sister Julie is so excited for us, and we can’t wait for her to join us when she is ready! Julie is pure grace, joy and love - we think of her when we hear Roald Dahl’s words, “…if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”. And thank you to our husbands, Mick and Chris, for having faith in us and encouraging us to “make it happen”. Thank you to our children who have been such cute models and the inspiration for Organic Nights.

We also want to thank Cass, our designer, illustrator and graphic designer. We admired Cass from afar long before we approached her to work with us on Organic Nights. She has been incredibly patient, helpful and generous with us throughout the process of creating our first ever Organic Nights collection. We trust her innate creativity and love to see the way she weaves her magic. (www.cassdeller.com.au)

We thank Kit, our photographer, for managing our first photo shoot and providing us with our stunning photos. Kit has a beautiful mix of boundless energy and positivity, as well as a calm and confident presence. She is also a natural with babies and children (and our dog!) - a huge help when you’re building a children’s label! (www.wisephotographygc.com.au)

Thank you to Aaron, Brittany, Manu and all the team at Whitehat Agency who have created our website. We are so grateful to them for their professionalism, attention to detail and positive approach. They have been on the ball (when we have dropped it!) and kept this project moving efficiently. We highly recommend! (www.whitehatagency.com.au)

Thank you to Chelsea at Hello Trader for sharing her gorgeous furniture with us for our first photo shoot. You will notice the sweet rattan children’s day bed and baby cot and leather occasional chair in our photos - Chelsea kindly offered us these pieces on loan. Her store is next-level stylish (we would like one of each, please!) and as a business woman we admire her risk-taking, limitless energy and vision. She also has a gorgeous children’s label with her sister Alana @ofonekindstore (www.hellotrader.com.au)

Catherine has been a business mentor for many years and is a large part of the reason that Organic Nights is finally happening! Thank you Catherine for your wise and heartfelt approach to supporting us and challenging us to live a bigger life. (Facebook @CatherineTaylorPowerhouse) 

Heidi has also mentored us across all things parenting, health and business. Thank you Heidi for being a guiding light and challenging us to choose high-vibe values and to hold a vision for the positive life we want to lead. (www.heidihosking.com)

We also have many dear friends and family who have supported us in so many ways and inspired us through their own businesses and approach to creativity. You know who you are! And you’ll find some of these lovely people and their businesses on instagram at:






Can you feel the love!

Nichola and Frances


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