Introducing our new Rib Knit Organic Sleepwear Collection for Autumn!

Hello Friends! We are just a little excited to finally share with you our new Rib Knit Autumn and Winter collection of pyjamas! Like everything we do, these pieces are made from 100% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton for pure comfort and pure health for your little ones. They’re also made ethically and sustainable: a win for people and our planet! 

We still design for newborns all the way up to your pre-teens at 11 years of age. This collection, we have stepped it up for extra warmth to the 240gsm rib knit fabric, which is super luxe, snug and strong.  


These new Kids Pyjamas pieces actually arrived in Australia last...spring! We were very organised and had ordered them to be ready for you last autumn but then a pandemic hit, and our GOTS-Certified mill in India was impacted. We stayed true to our order and paid our invoices, even though our collection was delayed for many months. In fact, it missed our entire autumn and winter selling season! Ouch! 

At the time, there were some heartbreaking stories reported in the news about large multinationals and powerful buyers dropping their orders on the factory floors without honouring their payments. Workers in India and other big manufacturing countries suffered heavily. This is obviously a complex scenario and we can imagine the knock-on flow and effect of the issues the large companies were facing. They too had staff and stores to keep afloat through it all.  

Nevertheless, there was a sense of peace in knowing that we, Organic Nights, had acted kindly, ethically and undramatically through it all. We had our health and our family was safe, so we were very blessed. Even our sister living in Italy with her young family has been safe while the virus raged around them (and still does).  

Organic Nights blue baby rib knit Certified Organic Sleepwear


But back to the rib knits! We hope you love, love, love the gorgeous feel of our new kids pjs rib knit collection. Naturally, our children have been wearing them since last...spring! And we can honestly report that they not only look adorable on our little ones but they also feel adorable to hug them while they wear their rib knit pjs!

Our children also reach for these pyjamas themselves when they are rummaging through their drawers at bedtime (or at lunchtime - in the sweltering summer heat - if you’re my quirky five-year-old daughter!), so that is a positive vote of confidence!  


Can we please also give a shout-out to our wonderful photographer, Kit Wise, who spent a very long day shooting our new collection in her amazing lush tropical garden, outdoor deck and air-conned studio. As you can see above and as we share the photos - we had some ADORABLE models visit to keep us all smiling! Little Louis (see the pic below) was only 12 days old! We are so grateful to the beautiful mums who brought their sweet babies along to play and help, not to mention Indi and Jag for their awesome big grins and sweet hearts. 

Any questions about our new rib knit pjs, please just shout out. You'll see they pair beautifully with our existing Autumn collection which we love and treasure.

We are happy to help out at or at our instagram account @organicnights  

With love and gratitude, always,

Sisters and co-founders,
Nichola and Frances 
Organic Nights 

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