Meet 5 Young Heroes Fighting for the Environment and Their Future

How Can Children Help the Environment?

The environment faces many threats, such as climate change, pollution, deforestation, and biodiversity loss. These threats affect not only the natural world, but also people's lives and well-being, especially children. Children have the right to a healthy, safe environment, and have the power to make a difference. No matter their age, location, or background, children can raise their voices, take action, and inspire others to help the environment.

In this post, we will feature five young people who have done amazing things to be part of the solution.  They are truly environmental heroes for kids.


Xiye Bastida

Xiye is a 15-year-old activist from Mexico who is currently based in New York City. She is one of the lead organisers of the US's Fridays For Future youth climate strike movement. She is also part of the Otomi-Toltec indigenous peoples and advocates for indigenous rights and environmental justice. She has spoken at many events, such as the UN Climate Action Summit and the World Economic Forum.

Here is a deeply moving TED talk by Xiye titled "If you adults won't save the world, we will".

Leah Namugerwa

Leah is a 16-year-old activist from Uganda who is part of Fridays for Future Uganda, a group that organises weekly climate strikes and other actions to demand climate justice. She has also started her campaign, Birthday Trees, which encourages people to plant trees on their birthdays to restore nature and reduce carbon emissions.

Read an article about Leah on

Licypriya Kangujam

Licypriya Devi Kangujam speech

Licypriya is a 9-year-old activist from India who founded The Child Movement, a global initiative that empowers children to take action for the environment and their future. She campaigns for stronger environmental laws and policies in India and around the world, and she has also launched several projects, such as SUKIFU (Survival Kit for the Future), which provides eco-friendly tools and resources to children in disaster-prone areas.

Image from and learn more about Licypriya at her official website here

Ridhima Pandey

Ridhima is a 13-year-old activist from India who filed a petition against the Indian government for failing to take adequate action against climate change when she was only nine years old. She is also one of the 16 children who filed a complaint to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in 2019, accusing five countries of violating their rights by not doing enough to prevent the climate crisis.

Find a Wikipedia article about Ridhima here

Autumn Peltier

How children can help the environment - Autumn Peltier

Image from Global Earth Repair Foundation.

Autumn is a 16-year-old activist from Canada who is a member of the Wiikwemkoong First Nation. She is a water protector and advocates for clean water access for indigenous communities. She has spoken at various national and international platforms, such as the UN General Assembly and the Children's Climate Conference, to raise awareness about water issues and urge leaders to take action.

In April, 2019 the Anishinabek Nation honoured her and raised her up to be the Chief Water Commissioner in her Great Aunty's role. 

These are just some examples of the many children around the world who are helping the environment. They show us that age is not a barrier to activism and that everyone can contribute to creating a better future for themselves and others. We hope that their stories inspire you to believe in how children can help the environment.

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